Friday, September 08, 2006

Links: More Linux music links than you can imagine

"Sound and MIDI Software For Linux" is one of the oldest, most respective Linux music sites on the net. Here, categorically arranged, are every type of music and audio application for Linux, from Audio Plugins to Hardware to Mixers to Software Synthesis and more, this is a huge cache of Linux audios apps.

The New Additions page is a good place to start, to see the latest apps. One problem is that many of the entries may link to projects that have been abandoned, or are outdated, so it pays to look for stuff that is updated, however, there are also many good "finished" apps that are perfectly useful, though not updated frequently.

The site appears to be updated about every two months, so it follows that a new update might appear sometime in the next month or so.

Take a look and start exploring the diverse selection of Linux music applications.
Sound and MIDI Software for Linux

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Lots of links on that site, yes, but it does need pruning a little, as mentioned. It would be nice if someone made a database of everything listed there that could be tagged by people with helpful things like which audio systems are supported (oss|alsa|jack|etc) or whether it requires old versions of common libs to compile, and so on. This would make it less of a roller coaster ride.

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