Friday, November 03, 2006

ArtistX: Debian GNU/Linux Multimedia Art Distribution

ArtistX is a live DVD distribution of Linux.

From the homepage:
"ArtistX is a LIVE DVD containing nearly all the free multimedia softwares for audio, 2D/3D graphics and video production for the GNU/Linux operating system. No need to install it on the hard disk as it is a bootable DVD, but you can of course install Debian GNU/Linux and addl the most useful softwares for you by yourself. "

This looks very interesting with a lot of great applications. Check it out.


Posted by DCZX @ 5:31 PM

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Version 0.2 is out with customized graphics and some addons packages missing in the 0.1

Nice to see a site devoted to Rock & Linux since Linux Rocks :-)

Posted by Anonymous Marco Ghirlanda @ 6:40 AM #
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