Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Impressions: JAD alpha1

JAD alpha1 is an early version of the Jacklab Audio Distribution project. This SuSE 10.2 based distribution weighs in at over a gig, so you'll need a blank DVD to burn this one.

Installing was initially fairly easy with the SuSE installer, however, there are some serious bugs yet with the Enlightenment login that prevented me from logging in. I had to reinstall it picking KDE as the default window manager and then I installed Enlightenment from the desktop later.

The KDE version was clean and easy to use. The real fun is with Enlightenment, however, which is a totally different window manager.

There is a good selection of including applications, including the standards: Ardour, Hydrogen, Zynaddsubfx and a lot more, Bristol, AMS and too many more to mention. I'll try to do a proper review sometime soon in the future. Some of the programs did not start properly, at least with JACK, with the default shortcuts. Bristol didn't work at all.

Overall, this distro is very very promising, especially for an early Alpha. Check it out!
JAD Alpha1

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