Thursday, July 13, 2006

Application: Meterbridge (JACK capable)

One of the many useful Linux audio apps is Meterbridge. This program display a graphical representation of your sound in one of several forms. This program is JACK capable, which means you can monitor input levels coming from anywhere, for example, your microphone, or a virtual instrument. It connects like any standard JACK connection.

While this program comes standard in several linux music distributions, many may be unaware of the different display options options available.

They are
PPM - Peak Program Level Meter, a basic display. (basic gauge)
VU - Volume Unit meters (vintage looking)
DPM - Digital Peak Meter (like on a DAW)
JF - Jellyfish Meter (aka Goniometer) (Rather interesting)
SCO - Scope (basic oscilloscope)

for full information on each of these displays, including pictures, check out the Meterbridge homepage.

Keeping levels at proper amounts is an important task to keep away from having unwanted distortion in recordings. Hopefully, this post is enlightening about metrbridge and it's capabilites. Give it a shot.

Meterbridge Homepage Here
ZR-3 Opensource VST (Organ VSTi Pictured in Screenshot) Here

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I think this application would be very useful for me. The application offers features that are fun. How can I get an application like this? And do I have to download it first? Sorry if I ask too many questions. And by the way thank you for sharing this information.

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