Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Update: BEAST (Bedevilled Audio System)

There's a new version just released of BEAST. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks awesome.

From the BEAST Homepage:

Beast is a powerful music composition and modular synthesis application released as free software under the GNU GPL and GNU LGPL, that runs under unix. It supports a wide range of standards in the field, such as MIDI, WAV/AIFF/MP3/OggVorbis/etc audio files and LADSPA modules. It has excellent technical abilities like multitrack editing, unlimited undo/redo support, real-time synthesis support, 32bit audio rendering, full duplex support, multiprocessor support, conditional MMX/SSE utilisation for plugins, precise timing down to sample granularity, on demand and partial loading of wave files, on the fly decoding, stereo mixing, FFT scopes, MIDI automation and full scriptability in scheme. The plugins, synthesis core and the user interface are actively being developed and translated into a variety of languages, regularly assimilating user feedback such as from our FeatureRequests page.

from the [linux-audio-user] mailing list:

BEAST/BSE version 0.7.0 and BSE-ALSA version 0.7.0 are
available for download at:


Posted by DCZX @ 1:02 AM

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Dont know how powerful and effective this music system is, headphones alone are great lol, but if someone tried them do give a feedback so that I can make a decision too.

Posted by Blogger essay-on-time.com review @ 5:18 AM #
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