Friday, July 14, 2006

VST's in Linux (Followup)

There are some updates to my previous posts about VST's in Linux. Some information was slightly inaccurate and I apologize.

Here are the updated methods for VST support in Linux. Method #3 was inaccurate and there is now a "historical" method 3.

Method #1
This program, once compiled and running, must first have "lashd" setup and running. Once this is accomplished, a synth can be loaded like: fst filename.dll
Note: This is technically what Ardour uses, the FST program, to load DLL's. Ardour has actually had VST support in previous builds, but it is now coded in Ardour 2.0.

Method #2
Once installed and running, use this: vsthost filename.dll

Method #3
FST is a descendant of this development. No longer supported or worked on, this was the first method for using VST's in Linux.

LMMS support VST's also, but I am unsure which method it uses right now. Thanks, Sampo, for pointing out the inaccuracies.

Posted by DCZX @ 11:54 AM

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