Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Playing with Bristol

After playing around with Bristol for a little while, I can say that this is some serious fun. I used to have a book of vintage keyboards and wished that I could play with them. Now, here they all are under Linux. The ARP synths are especially fun. JACK support is missing right now, but is being worked on. In the picture above, I was playing 3 synths at once. See posts below for info on downloading Bristol.

Here's a list of equivalent synth emulations from Bristol:
Arp Axxe
Arp Odyssey
Arp 2600
Moog Mini
Moog Voyager (Bristol "Explorer")
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
Sequential Circuits Prophet-52 (the '5' with chorus)
Roland Juno-6
Yamaha DX-7 (Well, perhaps an FM-7)
Hammond (single manual) module
Hammond B3 (dual manual - see below)
Vox Continental
Fender Rhodes
Fender Rhodes Bass Piano
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-Xa
Korg MonoPoly
Korg Poly6
Mixer (-libtest only)

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Bristol has an update, now it is possible to start with a -jack option.

I played around with them too, and for me the sound is poor and the apps are buggy...

But they got "the look"

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:41 PM #
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